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Piscopo Gardens

August 13, 2010
By Admin in Online Catalogues

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Purchase suggestions

Purchase suggestions

This catalogue website combines a PHP and mySQL foundation with Flash design. There are a variety of information features which enable the adminstrator to enrich the customer’s experience and keep the site fresh.

Features include:

  • Catalogue of categorised products, including keyword search.
  • Customer wishlist.
  • Information pages editable by the admin user.
  • News items organised by date.
  • Categorised articles, organised by date.
  • ‘Wheelbarrow’ system where bundles of purchases can be suggested,  e.g. the parts needed to make an automatic watering system.
  • All features are integrated with the Flash interface using XML.

This site also has an online admin area which enables the admin user to add, edit, organise and delete all items and features on the site.

Alternatively, the admin user can also import new products and update existing items using a csv file.  This makes updating the site very quick and easy.

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